VCU’s neurology clerkship is a dynamic and engaging one-month clinical experience...

VCU’s neurology clerkship is a dynamic and engaging one-month clinical experience offering third-year medical students the opportunity to work within in-patient, consultative and community clinical environments within the Department of Neurology.

The program introduces students to the discipline by providing exposure to the elements related to delivering clinical care to neurological patients along with fundamental concepts associated with communication, teamwork and professionalism, plus medical knowledge and education in neurosciences.  

Throughout the clerkship, students are offered experiences in inpatient and critical care neurology and numerous subspecialty clinics including:  

  • Epilepsy  
  • Movement disorders  
  • Multiple sclerosis and autoimmune neurology 
  • Neuromuscular medicine 
  • Neuro-oncology  
  • Neuro-ophthalmology 
  • Pediatric neurology 

Students learn and sharpen skills that will enhance their clinical experience by participating in small-group localization workshops, resident- and faculty-led lecture series and hands-on practicum such as lumbar puncture and virtual reality simulations. The clerkship is all about providing immersive education that will prepare students to be integral parts of the patient-care team.   

Please contact the clerkship coordinator for more information.  

Miranda Cox
Neurology Clerkship Coordinator