Next Grand Rounds

There will be no Grand Rounds July 5,2018 & July 12, 2018. 





Prior Grand Rounds

June 28,2018-Mathula Thangarajh, M.D., PhD  "For the Times They Are A-Changin’: Making the case for cognitive health in muscular dystrophy"

June 14, 2018- Elizabeth Bass, M.D. "Effects of Spaceflight on the Nervous System"

June 7, 2018- Alexis Taylor, M.D. "Emerging Devices in Epilepsy Management"

May 31, 2018- Ryan Fillmore, M.D. "Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Delayed Cerebal Ischemia (DCI): Review of therapeutic options"

May 24, 2018- Joseph Doria, M.D. "The Evolution of VNS"