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Neurology Education Office

Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Neurology
P.O. Box 980599
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0599
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Express mailing address:
Jennifer Rew, M.Ed.
Education Coordinator
VCU Department of Neurology
1101 East Marshall Street
P.O. Box 980599
Richmond, Virginia 23298

***Please be aware that the VCU SOM Administration has placed an indefinite moratorium on observerships due to a personnel shortage. Observerships will resume once personnel coverage has been secured. 

Thank you for your interest in observing at our facility.  We look forward to hosting you in the future. 

Information for foreign medical graduate applicants

Foreign medical graduates should review the VCU School of Medicine’s GME eligibility and selection criteria for information on application requirements for VCU and the Department of Neurology.

Neurology Administration

General Information
Phone: (804) 828-9720
Fax: (804) 828-6373

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For questions about our residency and fellowship programs, please contact the Department of Neurology, using the form below or e-mail us at neurores@vcu.edu.